Acme Smoked Fish – Where to get LOX at Wholesale Prices NYC

Fish Friday at Acme Smoked Fish. My favorite day of the week.

Who Wants To Pay Retail For Lox?

Certainly not me.

Do you know how much LOX (smoked salmon) costs these days? In most retail food stores, smoked salmon will run you 45 bucks per pound. But not at Acme Smoked Fish On Fridays!

Which is why Fish Friday is the day when I head over the Williamsburg Bridge on my bike from Lower Manhattan all the way to Greenpoint, Brooklyn just to save some money on lox.

Acme Smoked Fish 

Fish Friday  at Acme Smoked Fish is where I go for every type of smoked fish imaginable, for 14$ per pound instead of 45$.

Not only do I get my exercise crossing the bridge, but then I have HEALTHY FISH to eat all week long.

Check out this fun Snapchat Story of my adventure over the bridge!

I even had my bike fixed when I was there.

For more about location and hours at Acme Smoked Fish, read here:

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