ACME Smoked Fish- “Fish Fridays”

Acme Smoked Fish in Williamsburg has wholesale lox and other smoked fishes on Fridays!

My Favorite Things

On any given Friday morning, I can be found indulging in one of “My Favorite Things”. Everyone knows how healthy seafood is, and that salmon has loads of Omega 3 vitamins. I don’t know exactly what an Omega 3 is but I know I’m supposed to ingest them into my body, PLUS I love smoked salmon more than anything….besides ice cream.

Bagels And Lox Please!

Acme Smoked Fish

I am a Brooklyn born, Native New Yorker who was brought up eating bagels lox and cream cheese, every single Sunday, when my cousins and grandparents would visit from the other side of Long Island.

There are many places to buy excellent quality smoked salmon in NYC, much of it supplied by wholesaler, Acme Smoked Fish.

Lucky for all of us, at ACME Smoked Fish, on Friday from 8AM-1PM, they are open to the public and sell all the fish at WHOLESALE prices.

The same fish you’d be buying at Russ and Daughters for $45 per lb., is only $15 per lb. Fish Fridays at Acme Smoked Fish is AWESOME!!!



I Can Get It For You Wholesale

A family owned business, founded in 1906, Acme has smoked fish for 4 generations. That’s an entire century. Do the math!

Wonder of Wonder, Miracle of miracles, ACME Smoked Fish, maker of  Ruby Bay, Blue Hill Bay, and Great American smoked fish has graciously opened their doors to those who “never pay retail”.


Acme Smoked Fish owns and operates 4 brands, Blue Hill Bay, Ruby Bay, Acme Smoked Fish, and Great American smoked fish. The factory prepares smoked trout, whitefish, herrings, fish salads and more. All guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds, and mine.

Although there is so much to choose from, these are a few of “My Favorite Things”

acme smoked fishBelly Lox-  I ask for the widest part of the belly in one pound blocks, and I take it home and do all sorts of things with it. Nothing sexual, I assure you. But there is a good deal of slicing and dicing involved.

Lemon Pepper– This recipe is peppered with lemon….and pepper too.

David Burke’s Secret Recipe- Acme makes Special smoked salmon for Chef David Burke. The ingredients are…….secret.


What: Acme Smoked Fish Factory Outlet – “Fish Fridays”

When: Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Where: Acme Smoked Fish Corporation | 30 Gem Street | Just off North 15th Street

  1. Greenpoint Area of Brooklyn (Steps away from Williamsburg)

Why: Acme’s signature smoked seafood – salmon, whitefish, salads, sable, trout, bluefish, mackerel, salmon jerky, herring.


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