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Chef Russell

What’s Happening At 92Y Tribeca?

92Y Tribeca, is a hub of culture, learning, and extracurricular activity. Lectures, films, and many other forms of entertainment, are all available, at very reasonable prices. OK, its’ really cheap! Aside from performances and panel discussions, 92Y Tribeca Website, offers a full slate of classes in art, photography, cooking, and more. 

On many occasions, I’ve enjoyed performances of “Iron MuleShort Film Festival”, and laughed myself silly, at two separate showings of “Mortified”.

At another performance, titled “Beyond Bubby”,  I was reminded, that there are families passing down recipes from generation to generation, but since I come from a long line of “Restaurant Eaters, Who Don’t Have a Clue About Cooking”, all I have to share, is my mom’s famous recipe (as she called it) , for Cinnamon Toast.


  1. Toast 2 slices of bread.
  2. Spread butter on top.
  3. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

Decidedly, it was high time for me to stop “faking it” in the kitchen, so I was eager to sign up, for Chef Russell Moss’, “Knife Skills” class.

Which End Is Up?

There was no doubt that by the time this class was over, I would know a lot more about slicing and dicing, than I had ever known before. Which was practically nothing. Since I barely knew the proper way to hold a knife, this was a guarantee.

An eclectic mix of students, showed up to learn all about slicing, dicing, chopping, and other cutting edge techniques.

While several of my fellow foodies, nodded their heads, when Chef threw out words like, brunoise, battonet, tornee, I did not. A melange of techniques, a myriad of cooking terms, that I had never heard before, were tossed around like salad.

PicMonkey Chef russell 1 Collage

Have Knives, Will Travel

Chef Russell was very kind, and easy to understand. He gave us a thorough tour, through his magical suitcase of knives, carefully explaining which end is up…literally.

Did you know, that one good, really sharp French knife, can do almost anything? How about the difference, between cutting and chopping? Did you know, that its important to put a wet rag under the cutting board, to make sure it doesn’t slide around? Now, we all know.

Cutting Edge

There’s No Deceit In The Cauliflower

Chef Russell explained how to maintain the integrity of the vegetables, with proper cutting techniques. He taught us how to slice our way through zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce and potatoes. We even learned how to make garlic paste.


  1. Crush.
  2. Julienne.
  3. Dice.
  4. Smash really hard, over and over.

Of course, I’m oversimplifying this, and making it look as easy as, Mom’s Cinnamon Toast, but it’s WAYYYY harder, and far more time-consuming, than that.


 You say Poh-Tay-Tow, I Say Poh- Tah -Tow

After the first session, I went home, and was proud to show off my new cooking skills. Showing the utmost respect, to my small potatoes, I turned them into dinner. Although they should have been more uniformly sliced, in order for them to cook evenly, I doused them in enough ketchup and salt, that it didn’t matter. I’M JUST KIDDING! I’ll have to practice some more, to get it right.

A Tearful Lesson

There was one important question, burning on everyone’s mind. “How do you keep from crying when cutting an onion?” someone asked.

Chef Russ gave us the bad news. “It’s gonna make u cry, so work fast.” He sadly informed the class, that there were no magic goggles, no toothpicks in the mouth, not one thing available, to stop the crying. “The juices become airborne, the saline mixes with the eye, and a tear is born.”

Have A Nosh!

I’m looking forward to honing my skills, and trying more classes at 92Y Tribeca. If you’re in the neighborhood, and feeling a little hungry, stop in at Cafe 92, for a nosh. Chef Russell Moss and his happy team, prepare yummy Kosher foods and beverages. And, after sampling some of the dishes in the cafe, make sure to sign up for class. 92Y Tribeca, is truly a cut above.

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