#1 Influencer On Meerkat

Nora Segura
It's probably not who you might think, but it is not really not that shocking. What is the moral of this story? Sex Sells.
Nora Segura

Who Is The #1 Influencer On Meerkat?

If you’re in the know about Social Media and Influencers, you’ll probably screaming out from your chair- I know this one!

Gary Vaynerchuk? Brian Fanzo? Grant Cardone? Ted Rubin? Jimmy Fallon? The Funky Fairy? Vincenzo Landino? Martin Jones?

noraNope. Guess again.

The NUMBER #1 influencer on Meerkat, is actually a WOMAN. Go figure. 

Some of the SMARTEST Marketers in the world, are right behind Sexy, Sweet, and Scantily Clad Nora Segura, but she is considered the #1 Influencer on Meerkat. The lovely lass shows no sign of slowing up and my guess is she will remain #1 on Meerkat’s leaderboard.

Why is Nora So Popular?

Nora Segura streams LIVE on both of the new streaming social apps, Periscope and Meerkat. Pretty much, all she does is listen to a non stop barrage of compliments from strangers, cum DEVOTED FANS. Much like a stripper, Ms. Segura is flirty, suggestive, and will not go home with you.

Maybe I’m jealous that all she has to do is stand there twirling her hair and giggling, with men who have too much time (or something) on their hands. Do I sound jealous? The jury is out. 

Don’t get me wrong.

Nora “hotter than Georgia asphalt” Segura, is really freaking gorgeous. It’s just…….it has been so hard for women to compete with men in the tech world and I’m not convinced that Ms. Segura should be getting the Number #1 Spot on Meerkat based on her physical assets. What do you think? I think SEX sells.

Smart Cookie

Nora Segura may well be called a SLUT by some (not me, of course), but no one can call her stupid. Segura gets my applause emojis for being a SMART & SEXY COOKIE. She was clever enough to jump all over Meerkat and Periscope, and now she is killing it on both platforms. 

As Mel Brooks said, “When you’ve got it, show it, put your hidden treasures on display”.


Social Smarts

Check out some of the Top Social Media influencers, who are on the list, right behind the lovely and talented Nora. Yeah, I highlighted the puns.

Some people want knowledge, some want soft porn. That’s what makes the world go ’round. Take it for what it is. Periscope is real raw, unedited and fun. For me, it’s the Holy Grail of opportunity. 

How To Get In On The Action?

Anyone can watch, and anyone can SCOPE. If you want to get in on the action, first thing: download the app.

It’s available on the iTunes store and the Google Play store.

  • CREATE A PROFILE (very important or you will be thought of as a perv)
  • Follow me on Periscope- VICKI WINTERS
  • Follow me on  Twitter @MyBigFatMouth 
  • Follow all of the people I’ve mentioned in this post
  • Subscribe to my blog!

And now for our regularly scheduled show:

I shall not be scantily clad, but I will be in my kitchen streaming on Periscope. I’ll also be out and about since “I’m All Over The Place”  I’ve got some shtick and some smart stuff too. I’ve got a Puppet Show, Bobble Head Show, and Baby Boomer Bucket List Travel Tips Show too! Where do I find the time:-)

Nora Segura Meerkat

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