Unsurpassed Experience- Fathom Travel Dominican Republic

Our voyage on Fathom Travel would be seven day journey, a Bucket List Adventure of sorts. How often to you get to go on a cruise, while also making a difference in the lives of others. Fathom Travel's Dominican Republic cruise is less about lounging around the pool with a piƱa colada, and more about making an IMPACT. [more]

What’s The Difference? #GoodBadPalmOil

What's Your Food Made Of? Do you know that there is GOOD Palm Oil and BAD Palm Oil too? RSPO is trying to make it all GOOD and you can help with a few clicks of your mouse....READ about it here: [more]

Fathom Travel Adonia’s- Maiden Voyage

We were all ready to set sail to the Dominican Republic on Fathom Travel's Adonia for her Maiden Voyage. I'd sprayed my clothing with permethrin to ward off mosquitoes, packed my hats, cameras and sunscreen. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened...or didn't happen next. [more]

TBEX North America 2016

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. I'll be sharing my Periscope expertise as a panelist in Bloomington Minnesota at TBEX North America 2016. YAY!!! [more]
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