How To Have Better Time Management At Work

How To Have Better Time Management At Workimages-1


When you walk into your office’s public bathroom, is there a reason that you choose one stall, over another?

Do you look inside one or more stall, and then make an assessment, as to the cleanliness of a particular toilet? Or do you just  go for it?

Do you check out more than one, just praying the next one will not have a wet seat?

Do you walk to the end of the row, hoping that this stall has had the least use?

How much time do you waste in the bathroom?

better time management

My Toilet Habits

The other day, while I was sitting on the proverbial can (please, no visuals), a light bulb went off in my head.

I figured out how to make more time in my life.

Time For The  Visual

Picture an office bathroom, with 6 stalls on each side of the room.

If you alway choose to use stall number one, you will have better time management and be able to add HOURS to your life.


Walking to last stall takes 5-7 seconds longer, than just parking your behind (or squatting, if that’s your thing) in the first stall.

That’s 5 to 7 seconds each way, which is 10-14 seconds total.

I drink a lot of water, so I pee a lot. Let’s just say 6 -8 times a day. I’m not even considering the number twos. Just the ones.

So, let’s just do the math on the low estimate.

10 seconds times 6 sessions in the bathroom, equals 60 seconds .

One minute per day, times 5 days a week.

5 minutes per week.

5 minutes times 52 weeks = 260 minutes.

260 minutes is more than 4 hours.

Now  that you have better time management at work, what will you do with those extra 4 hours?

Wait in line for a cronut?

Cronut Flavor of the Month July

I’ll Take Stall #1.

And that, my friends is how to have better time management at work!

Oh, and this is also really important, if you have to pee while you are at the movies.

You’re welcome!

Cronut Flavor of the Month July

Cronut Flavor Of The Month July 2014

What Is The Cronut Flavor Of The Month?

Everyone who knows me, is  quite aware that my husband and I will not let a month go by, without checking out Dominique Ansel Bakery’s Cronut Flavor of the Month.

Cronut Flavor of the Month JulyDie hard cronut fans know that Chef Dominique only bakes one flavor cronut each month, and the Cronut flavor of the Month, July 2014, was Morello Cherry with Toasted Almond Cream. MMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Cronut Flavor OF The Month JulyBecause Dominique Ansel Bakery ONLY bakes 200-300 cronuts per day, it is IMPERATIVE that you get to the line early enough to score one of the precious pastries. Some people get there by 6:00AM, but I’ve been teetering on the edge, on my last few attempts.

You DO NOT want to be behind the person who gets the DREADED French Flag, because anyone behind the flag is NOT going to get a cronut.

Let me tell you, I’ve been shut out on THREE separate occasions, and it is not fun.

True, there are some amazing other desserts to try at this SOHO bakery, but a CRONUT IS A CRONUT, and as far as I am concerned….it’s the best pastry ever invented.

Cronut Flavor of the Month July

July’s Cronut Flavor Of The Month  might just might be my favorite  cronut flavor of the month so far…..running a close tie with February’s Raspberry Lychee.

I’ll be getting in line early one morning soon, to sample the August Cronut Flavor of the Month which is Peach Black Tea.

Pebble Watch, Myram Joire, Nick Warnock, Wellograph

Wearable Tech World NYC 2014- Video Interview with Pebble Watch Product Evangelist Myriam Joire

Wearable Tech World NYC 2014

Tom Hatton and I spent some time interviewing some VERY interesting people, about the latest and greatest  WEARABLE tech products at Wearable Tech World NYC, 2014.

Myriam Joire- Pebble Watch, Wearable Tech World

Myriam Joire, Product Evangelist, Pebble Watch and I shared some fun time chatting about important things like Burning Man, and podcasting.  Follow Myriam on Twitter @TNKGRL.

As you know, I’ve mentioned that Pebble Watch is on my list  of top 3 MOST WANTED TECH PRODUCTS.  

Pebble Watch, Myram Joire, Nick Warnock, WellographDuring Myriam’s  informative keynote, I learned about the challenges of creating a watch that doesn’t require daily charging.

Wearable Tech World NYC 2014, Nick Warnock, Wellograph, Sylvia Heisel, Misfit Shine, Comhear In addition to learning more about the new wearable tech gadgets, I also had the privilege of moderating two informative, and interesting panels, during Wearable Tech World NYC 2014.

Clearly, I needed an apple box behind the podium, and YES, that’s my tiny head peering out.

As the moderator of a n interesting panel called “Looks Are Everything”, I made the decision, to open with a hard hitting question:

“If looks are everything, does size matter?”

Indeed, I uncovered that  size  DOES matter, when it comes to wearables.  “In order to keep wearables light and small, sometimes a company will have to forego some functionality,” according to panelist Randy Granovetter, CEO, Comhear.

Tom Hatton & Chris Cox, CEO,PivotheadTom Hatton and Chris Cox, CEO Pivothead.
Nick Warnock, Wellograph Watch, Wearable TechNick Warnock, Wellograph, showed off his sexy wearables. Both his suit and his watch:-)
Tom Hatton & Hillary Topper, Wearable Tech World NY 2014Hilary Topper, HJMT Public Relations ,shows us her Google Glass, which she uses hers to video record her show Wearable On Air.

Stay tuned for more from Wearable Tech Expo NYC 2014, including  a video interview with Chris Cox, of Pivothead.

Tom Hatton, Actor, Athlete, Spokesperson

Tom Hatton- Actor, Model, Podcaster, Spokesperson

Who Is Tom Hatton?

“Welcome To The Vicki Winters Show, Tom Hatton. So great to have you as co-host on the show. You’re funny and handsome…and you paid me to say that…”

I’m happy to have Tom Hatton- Actor, Model, Podcaster, Spokesperson  join me on “The Vicki Winters Show”.

Tom Hatton, actor  model He’s Getting Us All Wet!

Born in the UK, Tom Hatton, is a very funny, handsome and talented Actor, Athlete, Model, Spokesperson. He is also a Soccer Coach, who is making a big splash on both sides of the pond. Tom Hatton, Model Budweiser FIFA WORLD CUP 2014He Shoots, He Scores! Two British newspapers have picked up on Tom’s recent successful ad campaigns.

It seems that Tom Hatton has scored his own “Hat Trick.” In English (the Queen’s version), this”Hat Trick” refers to the fact that he has 3 adverts running simultaneously, that all revolve around the World Cup Soccer games.

And for those of us who have no clue:  hat-trick or hat trick in sports is the achievement of a positive feat three times or more during a game, or other achievements based on threes.

He’s HUGE!

Budweiser’s Global ad campaign,”Rise As One” has gigantic banners of Tom’s screaming face,  flying high. This one was spotted at the Manchester, England station by one of Tom’s friends, and another friend spotted the same ad in Tokyo! The British press has caught on to Tom’s recent acting and modeling gigs. Two outlets have written stories about his work.

The first article “Actor scores hat trick in World Cup stardom”, appeared in the Mid- Sussex Times last week,  and another story, written by Julie Lawrence, claims, Wokingham actor enjoys longer run at World Cup 2014 than England team.” Tom Hatton Taiko It’s Big And It Doesn’t Disappoint

Tom Hatton is not, just another pretty face. He competes in Japanese Taiko drumming contests, and in his spare time, Tom coaches soccer to 3-5 year olds all around NYC with Little Kickers. Little Kickers Chelsea WatersideHis soccer kids love him!  Tom Hatto Lifestyle 2 The Ladies Love Him Too! Microsoft Press Announcement Listen Carefully!

Tom Hatton’s charming British accent, can be heard in this Just For Men Hair Color commercial. Tom and I are teaming up on a bi-weekly podcast, where we will discuss the “Do’s and Dont’s” of making it as an Actor in NYC.

BZLY_ThinIce_Executive Follow Tom Hatton on Twitter, @thetomhatton

LIKE him on his Facebook page too! Dentyne TaxiIs This Really Acting? Tough to say. Tom Hatton, Actor, Athlete, Spokesperson Brooklyn Based Actor Tom Hatton Featured In 2014 FIFA World Cup™ New York City, NY, June 12, 2014 

Actor Tom Hatton is becoming a well known name in New York. He will be featured in major international brand advertisements during the 2014 FIFA World Cup for Budweiser, Head and Shoulders, as well as Febreze. Hatton, who also played for England in the New York version of the World Cup, is being featured, in three different commercials!

Hatton will be the face of Budweiser, the voice of Head and Shoulders (featuring Lionel Messi) and appear in a funny, slightly revealing, undercover locker room reality ad for Febreze. “Every four years, the World Cup is the best thing in life – this time its even more special!” says Hatton.

About Tom Hatton: Tom Hatton, from Greenpoint, Brooklyn is an actor and TV personality who first gained global recognition hosting In The Qube for Sony, airing in 60 countries and viewed by 60 million people globally. He is known throughout the US for numerous commercials including Microsoft, Budweiser, Dentyne, Barclays and IBM. Hatton has worked internationally as a producer and host for Sky TV and also hosted the Warner Brothers’ Harry Potter YouTube channel. He also recently appeared in the award winning film ‘Red Tulips’.

GET IN TOUCH Please let me know if you are interested in booking Tom for work. I’ll pass it on to the proper agents. He has a few!

Cronut Flavor Of The Month- June 2014 New York Ranger Edition

Cronut Flavor Of The Month-

One day every month, I wake up early to ride my bike uptown to Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho, for my monthly cronut fix.

Never Missed A Flavor YET!

Each month, when the new cronut flavor of the month is announced, the plotting begins.

Which days will be the least crowded? Should I go on a rainy day? Weekends? If it’s snowing, is there a better chance?

My husband and I, have all but mastered the line, at Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho, so we don’t have to wake up at 5:00 AM to snag one of the coveted 200 cronuts baked daily. If you want to know our secrets, just ask.

The Cronut Craze!

Because of our strategy and stamina, we have not missed out on sampling any cronut flavors, of any month, since Chef Dominique Ansel created the cronut craze, over one year ago.

Die Hard Fans Need It Bad!

Rain, Train, freezing temps, snow, travel to Austin. If it means I’ll get my fix, I’ll do it. Chef, You’ve created an addict.

New Favorite Flavor

June 2014, Chef Dominique introduced the world’s taste buds, to the Strawberry Mascarpone Cronut, which is now my top favorite flavor, surpassing  February’s Raspberry Lychee, by just a hair.

NY Ranger Cronut Flavor Of the Month JuneJune 7, 2014 -RANGER CRONUT DAY!

This particular morning, Chef Dominique was paying homage, or should I say homàge, to his new found home team hockey team.

Stanley Cup Playoff Team, The New York Rangers, got their own “CRONUT For A Day”.

special version of The cronut, the trademarked and quintessential pastry of New York City. cross between a croissant and a donut,  of the June cronut flavor of the month.

I decided to be both a hybrid Ranger and Cronut fan, on this day.

Dressed up in my REDS WHITES AND BLUES, I pedaled  as fast as my short little legs would allow. I was a hybrid myself. Half Cronut Fan, Half Ranger Fan.  It was raining hard and I just wanted to get there early enough to snag my fix for June.

The broken teeth. The fighting. Not. My. Thing.

Hockey was never my favorite sport to watch, so why on earth, would I brave a deluge of rain from 7:00AM until 9:00….to have a special RANGER cronut?

I’m not exactly sure.

Cronut picm.jpgSome times it’s about the journey…..

Line waiting has its benefits, this time no different. Me and my two newest besties, Nicole and Kaily,  chatted the hours aways. It poured. We got to know each other. The weather turned monsoonal. No joke.

The time flew by.

Bad News On The Cronut Line

At precisely 8:36, the gal who hands out the baguette (more about that later) said to the people standing in front of me, “There probably will not be any more cronuts left , by the time you get in there.” WHAT?!

There weren’t even 80 people here. Only one group of 30, had even entered the store. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Wait, What?  Are you freaking kidding me? No CRONUTS LEFT ALREADY?

The rain kept coming.  I went inside to assess the action. 

Ron Duguay, Glenn Anderson, and Adam Graves, former Ranger players, were signing autographs, and eating cronuts.

I sat down to say hello. Raincoat, bike helmet and all.


We laughed and chatted a bit. I couldn’t help but notice that Ron’s cronut, had barely been touched. It only had 2 little bites, eaten out of it.


I discovered that Ron Duguay, is not a die hard sugar fan, but he is sweet, like sugar, and sexy too. It’s no wonder that he dated Cher, and is married to super model Kim Alexis. Uh huh.

Autographed By Former #Winning NY Rangers Ron Duguuay, Adam Graves, Glenn Anderson

Keep The Dream Alive

I went outside into the monsoon, back to my place in line with Nicole and Kaily, while we patiently kept hope alive, on the cronut line.

30 minutes later, the baguette gal returned, with some REALLY BAD NEWS.

“There are only 3 cronuts left”,  she said to the 2 people in front of us.

I quickly did the math. If each of them buys one,  I still wouldn’t get to buy a cronut today, but Kaily and Nicole would.

Having been shut out of cronuts, on at least 3 attempts, I was getting a little bummed. My new friends and I did some negotiating. We decided we would share a cronut and some other items, and make the best of it. It pays to be nice. But, that’s not news, people!

For some reason, by the time we got to the front of the line, there MAGICALLY were 2 cronuts left, so the three of us, joined forces to enjoy them together.

Best Besties PICM.jpg

We also shared a Magic Soufflé and a Blackberry something or other, but the CRONUT was the best….as usual.

June Cronut Pic Monkey Food Case

 EAT ME, Vicki

Somehow, in the melee,  my coffee went missing, so and I went back where the Rangers were sitting to look for it.

Ron’s beautiful Ranger cronut, which he clearly was not going to finish, was staring me straight in the eye…”EAT ME, Vicki!” I could hear the screams from this cronut, whose fate might just be the trash can, and I couldn’t bear the thought of this happening.

Never the shy one,  I asked, Ron about his cronut. “Are you going to just leave it  there? Can I have it?”, I asked nicely.

Ron replied, “Take it, it’s yours.”

She asks, SHE SCORES!!


Thank you Ron Duguay, for being a guest on “The Vicki Winters Show” and sharing your cronut with me!

IMG_4417Thank you Dominique Ansel, for always being gracious, and of course, for creating the CRONUT!!!nicole picmSome things are just worth the wait.

Not even 2 inches of rain could spoil this beautiful day for me, and my new friends. I even got to take 3/4 of the third cronut home for Dan.

Life is sweet.


Where To Stay In Portland, Oregon?

Where To Stay In Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is a great tourist town, with so many hotel options. I think we all know what a big  Starwood Hotel fan I am, so I  was keen to check out their offerings, before I made any decisions about where to stay in Portland, Oregon.

We were going to visit Portland for a long weekend end of eating, and to take part in Summer Parkways, the bike riding extravaganza of the summer.

Westin PortlandI began my hotel hunt, by checking out One of Starwood’s hotels, The Westin Portland, looked pretty from the photos, and it was only a three-minute walk from Pioneer Square, a hub of activity.

The Westin was also close to Pedal Bike Tours, the best place to rent a bike in Portland. Read about it here.

After many, many, many days spent researching all sorts of other options on the internet, weighing the pro and cons, I decided on the magnificently decorated Westin Portland,  and was fortunate to book a “Pay Your Age” rate.


If you’ve never heard of this (and many of you have not),  the first night is billed at the full rack rate, and the next two nights, are billed for the amount of the number in the year, in which you were born.

To explain: If you were born in 1965, you will pay $65 dollars per night. If you’re older than that is gets even cheaper. Born in 1957? $57 dollars for the room.

Do the math and see how it works for you! Let’s just say, this is one time I am proud to show off my wrinkly face on my driver’s license.


Room With A View

The hotel was really exquisite, and the view from our lovely room on the 18th floor, was outstanding. Loud SHOUT OUTS to the staff, who provided super friendly, Oregon style hospitality. For reference sake, Oregonians are flat out nice people.

But I digress….In addition to all the free bottled water we could drink, as Silver Member of Starwood’s Preferred Guest loyalty program, we were entitled to a bonus treat of either:

  • Free wi-fi in hotel room
  • 250 bonus SPG Points
  • Drinks for 2, in Lobby Bar/Restaurant, The Daily Grill

Such A DEAL!

On so many levels, this place rocked….and we even collected some Starwood SPG points.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Starwood American Express program….free miles that add up to something special. If you want to know more, please send me your email address and I will send you a link to a referral program, so I can get some extra miles!!

And don’t forget to tell all of your ALTA COCKER friends about “Pay Your Age”.

Thanks For Reading And Happy Traveling!


Best Place To Rent A Bike In Portland, Oregon

To Bike Or Not To Bike-There Really Is No Question

Portland, Oregon is a gorgeous city, filled with sights to see, bridges to cross, and of course restaurants, in which to eat. In order to see as much as possible, renting a bike in Portland is a MUST, for so many reasons.

Where NOT To Rent A Bike In Portland, Oregon?

At Cycle Portland Tours Bike Store, they will charge you $30 dollars for a day’s rental, whether you pick it up at 9AM or 3PM.  It is still the same price, and it needs to be returned by 6PM.  Since it didnt seem fair to charge the same for 3.5 hours or 10 hours, I asked the guy to cut us a deal and for my money, $30 dollars is a LOT of money for such a short time.  He flat out said no way, no how. The mean man wouldn’t budge. He didn’t know who he was talking to.

I told him where he could put his bike saddle, and we walked a few short blocks to Pedal Bike Tours, where they are so much nicer.


They were happy to cut us a break, and now I am more than happy to show them massive amounts of love on my blog, Tripadvisor, Twitter, Facebook and more. See how that works?

BEST Place To Rent A Bike In Portland, Oregon!

At Pedal Bike Tours we paid $40 dollars each, to use the bikes from 2:30PM Saturday, until 9:30AM on Monday. The MEAN man, at THAT OTHER PLACE wanted 40 dollars for 24 hours…which is why I’m showing my bike rental LOVE to Pedal Bike Tours. You should too.

IMG_3639Pedal is located, super conveniently I might add, at 133 SW 2nd Avenue in Downtown Portland.


As a matter of fact, we rode our bikes from the hotel with our luggage strapped to the racks, dropped off the bikes, and walked 3 blocks to the Tri Met to catch the train to the airport….

Voodoo DoughnutAdditional bonus points for being located, only 2 blocks from Voodoo Doughnuts, where Dan was able to pick up his breakfast for the plane ride home.

Did I mention that Pedal Bike Tours, has an amazing assortment of bike clothing, and all sorts of cool high-tech bike gear? There, I’ve just said it.

How To Travel The World On A Budget

Best. Travel. Planner. Ever.

During the 12 years that Danny and I have been together, we have ventured to so many places that I can’t even remember them all. We travel so much, that everyone thinks we are loaded with money. Not so much. It’s just that I have figured out how to travel the world, on a budget.

High Brow- Low Brow Travel

If I must say so, and I must, “I’m an excellent travel planner”. My specialty is mixing and matching, styles and prices, so a 4 night trip, might include 2 nights in a quirky hotel, with a shared bathroom, and 2 nights, in one of the Leading Hotels of the World. 

Our amazing adventures will have us dining on street food one night, and eating in a 2 starred Michelin restaurant the next. “Viva la difference,” I say. I also say I’m an expert in “How To Travel The World On a Budget”.


Short But Sweet

A typical vacation in Europe will last 3-5 nights. The longest trip we have ever taken was for 10 nights. If we go anywhere that takes more than 10 hours by plane, we will generally stay for a whole week.

We’ve seen entire countries, in less than 5 hours. We move quickly, to say the least.

Back in 2002, our very first trip together was a quickie.  3 nights in Moscow, Russia. A day trip, flying back and forth to St. Petersburg, was included on one of those 3 days.

Dan and I have visited entire cities for less than 8 hours, (St. Petersburg, Estonia, Antwerp,  Hamburg). Less is more sometimes.

Swag Ready

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

You can choose to scrimp and save and start travelling when you retire, but unfortunately, if you wait too long, your health may deteriorate, and you may never get to see the world.

Do It Now!

My strength is in utilizing Starwood mileage awards, making the most of earned freebies through American Express. I have a few more tricky tactics up my sleeve, but more about that later.

We always use public transportation, or rent bikes when we can. New York City’s JFK Air Train is our friend. We travel light, so we can easily pack up, and switch it up, in the middle of a trip. With this method of madness, we can stay in a 5 star hotel for a few nights (or one night only, as we did in Dubai).

On The Cheap In Alphabetical Order

So far, our adventures have taken us,  in alphabetical order; to Alaska, Amsterdam (5 times), Aspen, Athens, Austin, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Burning Man (8 times), Cambodia, Casablanca, China, Costa Rica (5 times), Dubai, Estonia, Hamburg, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Macau, Morocco, Moscow, Portland, Santorini, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Thailand, Tokyo, and a few other places that I can’t think of, right this second.

Stay tuned for more, on how to travel the world on a budget.


Nomiku Sous Vide Chicken Pot Pie –

Kate McDermott, You’ve Created A Monster!

Ever since you helped me master “The Art Of The Pie Crust”, I have gone “PIE CRUST CRAZY.” The baking tricks and tips that you taught me, will be embedded in my mind forever.


Kerrygold Butter Is Key!

Kate had suggested that I use Kerrygold Butter, and thankfully I am part of the Kerrygold Blogger’s Network. Thanks to them, for supplying me with plenty of delicious Irish butter with which I carefully perfected, four pie crusts.

IMG_3030Now What?

Now that I had made four pie crusts, I would have to put something edible, inside these buttery masterpieces.

In typical “Miss Vicki’s Improvisational Kitchen” style, I looked in the fridge, and spied some chicken breasts and assorted veggies.

How Do You Handle A Hungry Man?

My husband Dan, loves Chicken Pot Pie, so that’s what I would make. I would cook my chicken with my Nomiku Sous Vide machine, and my meal would be a success, or so I thought.

Since I had no clue about how to make it, I searched the internet. One of the first things that popped up, was a recipe from The Pioneer Woman, whose quirky writing, was appealing to me.

Since I don’t watch the Food Network NEARLY enough, I had no clue that The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond,  was a super famous blogger, with her own TV show. Go figure.

I couldn’t replicate her recipe exactly, because I didn’t have the same ingredients, but would wing it (no pun), as best as possible. Her breezy and easy style, made it look easy…..

Chicken SOUS VIDE by Nomiku

My newly gifted Nomiku Sous Vide Water Circulator machine, was going to come in, SUPER handy now!

I love cooking SOUS VIDE, because everything tastes so delicious.  A Sous Vide machine, is basically a water circulator which allows for whatever food you make, to cook from the inside out, as opposed to grilling or baking, which cooks from the outside in.

The circulator is easily clipped on to any pot. Foods placed in a vacuum sealed plastic bag, and cooked in their own juices.

Water is circulated by the machine, and kept at a constant temperature. I’m no scientist, so please check out the Nomiku site for more detailed information.

Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator2 chicken breasts, a tablespoon of Kerrygold Butter, and some thyme go into the bag. I seal it up and cook the meat, at 147.3 degrees for 60 minutes.

Since I had some extra pie dough, I used the cookie cutters that I got from the Cake Boss, and made some decorations for the top of the pie. I’m so creative.
IMG_3061I sliced and diced some broccoli, leeks, and carrots.

IMG_3082As per PW’s recipe, I cooked up the veggies, and added some flour.
IMG_3087I tore apart my super moist sous vide chicken, and threw it in the pot. I stirred it around, and threw in some flour.

IMG_3088Then I added some Better Than Bouillon that I got from Perry Perkins…thanks, Perry!

I put my cute flowers on top and baked it a bit…it was so good, that I’ve made it twice already! Thanks, Pioneer Woman!

If you’ve come to my site for RECIPES, you’ve come to the wrong place.  If you want to learn how to cook, again…not here. If you want to see someone who tries really hard…WELCOME To “The Vicki Winters Show”!

I hope you’ll stay tuned for more.


What Is The MOST Wanted Wearable Technology

What Are You Wearing?

When Robert Prime of, asked if I wanted to be included in a round up, of 44 WEARABLES EXPERTS, I jumped at the chance to offer my opinion. No surprise there.

Question: If you could own 3 pieces of WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY, which ones would they be?

I wear and love my Misfit Shine, but didn’t include that as one of my choices, because I already have one.

All 44 Wearables Experts’ opinions are here, at, and I’ve cut and pasted my section below.  Please check out what Robert Prime, Hilary Topper, and other WEARABLES EXPERTS have to say too!

What we discover through our GOOGLE GLASS, in this round up, that ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL,  when it comes to wearables.

There are so many SUPER COOL products mentioned in the article that I haven’t seen yet, but will be looking out for all of them.

The challenge in choosing MY MOST WANTED WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY, is that the WEARABLE TECH industry is so fluid and innovative that  my top 3 choices today, could be totally different tomorrow!


For now, here are my selections:

  1. Samsung Watch- I tried the older model for 48 hours and was really loving the large, yet not too large display. It integrates well with the Samsung phone and I just may decide to leave my Apple products in the dust when I see what they have up their literal sleeve.
  2. Ring by Logbar. Saw this at SXSW and think it would be great to be able to point and text. They are slated to integrate with the Pebble watch notifications, and I’d love to be able to reply without having to look at my phone all the time.
  3. Pebble Watch- Although I will eventually only wear one wearable watch at a time, I would love to have the new Pebble Steel. I love that it gives notifications when the phone is ringing, or when my pesky husband is texting me for some emergency.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else the industry has to offer, at this summer’s Wearable Tech EXPO NYC. 


Click the banner for a 10% discount to attend, and I hope to see you there.

What will you be WEARING?


Wearable Tech Expo NYC- July 23-24, 2014 Does One Size Fit All?

What Are Wearables? Does One Size Fit All?  Where Can I Learn More About Wearable Technology?

At this summer’s Wearable Tech Expo NYC, you’ll have the chance to learn all about the latest and greatest tech products known as WEARABLES.

Are you standing up straight enough? Need a notification to let you know your kids are calling? Need to know how many steps you’ve taken? Is your heart rate too high?

Today’s technology marketplace is jam packed with new gizmos, that all the cool kids are wearing. There are gizmos that track your fitness goals, cameras that double as pocketbooks, and watches that aren’t just watches any more. They are SMART watches.

These are just a few examples of the new breed of products, that everyone (especially me) will be wearing soon.

Experts will be discussing all of these products, and many more, at the Wearable Tech Expo NYC, a 2 day conference being held at NYC’s Jacob Javits Center, this coming July.


WEARABLE Tech, actually covers anything one can WEAR, that has anything to do with technology. A t-shirt that lights up, a band to wear on your wrist, an earplug that isn’t just to supply sound, google glass, or a pocketbook with a camera inside, are all examples of the new wearables.

I use my Misfit Shine to track my fitness, and just having it on reminds me that I may need to “STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER” and get a little more excercise. Misfit Shine, Fitness Tracker, WearablesThe Misfit Shine can be worn inside a little pocket in the sleeve on this t-shirt, or on a band on your wrist. It can also be magnetically attached with its own magnetic device to almost anything!

imagesOne thing I’m really in love with are the new SMART WATCHES.

Personally, I used to love wearing a watch, but got bored when all it could do was tell time. This year, I can wear something that does EVERYTHING. Almost everything.images-1

Samsung and Pebble, are two of the new breed of watches that are tugging at my wallet. I’m definitely going to buy a SMART WATCH, but like many other APPLE consumers, I’m holding out to see what they’ve come up with, before I commit.

The WEARABLES Tech Expo will be  held in NYC at the Javits Center, July 23-24, 2014.

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Wearable Tech Expo NYC 2014
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